PKMBuy - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just have a brand new ground-type critter

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PKMBuy - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just have a brand new ground-type critter

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will soon hit stores after a rather dry reveal season, only made more interesting by the many leaks and rumors that have surfaced online over the past few months. One of the most famous leakers in the Pokemon community, known as Riddler Khu, revealed that the Gen 9 game will have a total of 103 critters at launch, with more Pokemon coming further through DLC. The full Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex were leaked back in August, and official sources have been quieter than in the past, with only a handful of trailers going live. PKMBuy has Arceus Pokemon for Sale.

Less than a month before release, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet only featured 19 Pokemon, fewer than in the 8th generation era, and in the nearly two months since the game's release, more than 20 critters have been captured. disclosed. The so-called full type distribution of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet isn't the biggest, as there appear to be eleven new dark-type creatures, while rock monsters only have three. According to the leak, there will also be very few ground Pokemon, but the strangest detail is that there is only one brand new ground type, and it's legendary.

Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's regional fakes aren't a whole new species

One of the first critters officially announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the Paldean Wooper, a regional form of the popular Johtonian Water-type salamander, this time a mix of ground and poison. While the leaker didn't confirm the type combination, name, or even the general look of the Paldean Wooper evolution, it's believed to be a new creature that looks a bit like a Quagsire and two different forms of Wooper. So while it's still exciting to see what The Pokemon Company has in store for fans, this Pokemon won't be an entirely different ground-type species.

According to leaks surrounding the Gen 9 game, there will also be another partially new ground Pokemon, theoretically similar to Wiglett, the so-called "regional fake" of the famous Kantonian Diglett. In this case, the new ground-type critters will be based on Tentacool and Tentacruel, which are said to look like mushrooms, with grass as their secondary type. Again, they'll have new names, similar to how Diglett and Wiglett differ, but these Pokemon Scarlet and Violet creatures will be inspired by existing ones.

Why it's bad for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's new ground type to be legendary

Continuing this odd trend are two other Pokemon from Gen 9, which are considered version-exclusive critters that share the ground as one of their two types. These are part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Paradox Pokemon, the creatures intended to be a new spin on existing species from past generations, while also being part of Gen 9's overarching story. Two of the Pokemon appear to be different versions of Donphan, and even though they're not the same as the Johtonian Donphan, they're no longer brand new.

The last ground-type Pokemon to appear in Generation 9 was one of a group of critters that formed the legendary quartet of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in addition to Koraidon and Miraidon. These Pokemon will be never-before-seen creatures designed to represent creatures from Chinese folklore, so the ground-type will be the only truly new species in all Gen 9. With over 100 new creatures, it's a little disappointing to have only one new ground Pokemon. It's even worse when people think it's Legendary, which means it'll offer an offer later in the game. You can Buy Arceus Pokemon.

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