Path of Exile Announces November Event, Postponed 3.20

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From November 4th to November 14th, the "Mayhem Event" will take place.
From November 14th to November 21st, there will be an Endless Delve.
From November 21st to November 28th, "Delirium Everywhere" will be held.

Everyone who reaches level 50 in the event will receive a Calandra Mystery Box. You can read more about the event on the game's website.

The Path of Exile team is working on some plans for November, confirming the status of Kalandra Lake, and confirming that the next expansion, 3.20, will now be released sometime in early December. You can buy Path Of Exile Currency at MMOSO.

GGG chose to move the expansion timeline because their data shows that the December release gives players the most free time to play League of Legends during the December holiday period at the end of the year. When asked if Lake of Kalandra will continue to be part of the core game once the update is released, the developer confirmed no.

"Right now, the Lakers won't be part of the core game. After the league is over, all your existing mirrored tablets will be removed, so if you have some in stock, now is a good time to use them."

The decision to delay the next update means the Kalandra League will be extended by several weeks. They've announced three planned events for players to challenge themselves over the extended weeks. There are different versions of these events, so you can choose the level of challenge that suits you best. You need to create a new role to participate.

First up is Mayhem, which starts on November 4 and runs for 10 days. This event will live up to its name, taking modifiers from classic Path of Exile, such as Ambush, Torment, Anarchy, and more. These modifiers change hourly, and as you enter the area, different scenes appear in the area. These could include 10 breaches, 20 invasion bosses, 20 tormented souls, a delirium mirror and other possibilities.

The next event starts on November 14th and will run for a week. Endless Delve is a throwback event that allows you to enter the Azurite Mine for the lowest possible drilling. In this 7-day limited event, the winner will be the first player in each advantage tier to reach 600 deep.

Finally, November 21st will bring Delirium Everywhere, another returning event lasting 10 days. There will be delirium fog almost everywhere, and there will be some variations on this particular event. is a safe place for POE trade, so there are many users. You can buy POE currency and POE Items at MMOSO. Before the currency reaches your account, the transaction security is borne by MMOSO.

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