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The Frost Death Knight is the most damaging spec in Wrath of the Lich King. It will be interesting to see how they perform in WoW Classic: WotLK. Many tier lists out there place them as first or second, second only to the other DPS specs available for death knights, evil.

This guide will give players an idea of ​​how to best play Frost Death Knight in level 80 PvE end-game content, especially how they can best contribute to team content such as dungeons and raids. There are WoW WotLK Classic Gold for sale.

Best Talent Builds for Frost Death Knights
The Frost Death Knight has two main talents. The image below shows both versions.

Blood Talent (highlighted in green)
In the early stages, additional skill points are placed in the blood talent to increase the attack power of the Bladed armor and increase the critical strike chance of the Dark Faith.
Evil talent (highlighted in orange)
In the later stages, additional skill points are placed into the evil talent. This conversion is usually done at a later stage when better equipment, especially weapons, is obtained. This is due to the fact that Necrotic and Blood-clotting Blades scale with better weapons, while Ravenous Dead scales with higher strength.
Note that the second build also requires removing 3 points from the Frost Talent (Black Ice).

Best Glyphs of the Frost Death Knight

Major Glyphs
The three best main glyphs for the Frost Death Knight are Glyph of Frost Strike, Glyph of Obliteration, and Glyph of Disease. Each of these glyphs is very important to increase overall damage.

Minor Glyphs
Two minor glyphs that are almost always seen in Frost Death Knights are Glyph of Resurrection of the Dead, for a small improvement in inventory management, and Glyph of Plague, for significantly increasing the range of the plague.

The only changes players should consider are:

Replaced Glyph of the Blood Dragon's Head with Glyph of the Horn of Winter.
Blood Tap's health cost is fairly negligible, and the improvement in Winter Horn's duration should alleviate the need to refresh it mid-battle.

Frost Death Knight's Attribute Priority
The stat priorities listed below will help guide players through which stats to look for on gear. Generally speaking, if a piece of gear has more stats overall, it will be a better choice. Players need to make sure they hit certain stat thresholds, such as hit rating and expertise, and then they can focus on improving other stats.

263 hit rate*
26 feats
crit rating
Armor Penetration
attack power
For Frost Death Knights, 263 hit chance (8%) is the minimum required to ensure that skill attacks always hit. The talents Cold Steel Nerves and Draenei Passive Heroism reduce the required hit rating by 3% and 1%, respectively. WoW Players can Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold at MMOSO.

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