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The major changes to character defense included in the 3.16 expansion pack have the intended effect of encouraging players to invest more in character defense beyond life stacking. We are comfortable with this direction, but will be making further changes aimed at making some of the strongest defense layers require more investment and increasing the variety of defense options. We made a series of changes to this goal in 3.19, but are also considering further changes for future expansions and will refine these plans based on discussions and your feedback. You can Buy Path Of Exile Currency at

Problem: The purpose of spell suppression is to make most characters on the right side of the passive skill tree usable. However, the item modifier's spell suppression value is high enough that any character can reasonably achieve a 100% spell suppression chance with an item, while passive skills that provide suppression are relatively weak. For most characters who want strong defenses, this causes capped spell suppression to feel like a forced option, rather than an option that primarily complements evasion-focused builds.

Solution: Reduce the spell suppression value granted by item modifiers. Increases the amount of spell suppression provided by passive skills and some other sources.


Problem: Polar armor doesn't provide enough defense to compete with other defense-preserving abilities, especially since most of its protection is only provided while the player is standing.

Solution: Greatly increased the static damage reduction provided by Arctic armor. We may continue to explore more effective defense options for characters who spend a lot of time standing still in future content updates.

Problem: The Flesh Stone is not powerful enough to guarantee 25% mana retention. The slight improvements to Blind Investing outlined below will naturally help it to some extent, but it will take more force to make it a competitive option.

Solution: Increase Fleshstone's damage reduction against distant enemies while in Sand Stance.


Problem: Flags of Defiance can greatly increase armor and evasion rates, in addition to other benefits at low investment. As such, it provides all characters with a way to further extend the massive armor and evasion afforded by the Resolve and Grace skills. It also provides a disproportionate benefit to characters who don't have easy access to armor and dodge scaling on the passive skill tree, and when combined with determination and grace, these characters can use the aura effect to scale armor and dodge almost as much as Characters who invest directly in armor are just as effective and escape bonuses. This has resulted in the combination of Flag of Defiance, Resolve, and Grace being almost mandatory for characters in the Inner Coalition, and very attractive elsewhere.

Solution: Greatly reduce the armor and evasion granted by the Banner of Defiance.

Problem: The downside of the Wind Dancer Keystone is that if you've been hit by an attack recently, you take 20% more attack damage, which is too risky to make the Keystone feel like a worthwhile trade, even for someone who's invested heavily in dodging The same goes for the character, because it's also during this time that you can get hit again.

Solution: Changed Wind Dancer to be less risky for characters with a lot of evasions by allowing high evasion ratings to more effectively mitigate its drawbacks.

Problem: Arrow Dance Keystone's penalty for melee evasion opportunities feels too harsh, even for characters who invest heavily in evasion.

Solution: Changed Arrow Dance to provide a less extreme penalty for melee evasion, but a less extreme bonus for ballistic evasion.

Problem: Wards are a relative niche defense mechanic, but currently mostly very powerful when paired with Orros' Resolve unique potion, otherwise not worth the investment.

Solution: Reduce base ward recovery time, which has been bypassed by Olroth's Resolve, but is otherwise a limiting factor to inward usefulness. Allow the build to invest further in faster ward recovery if they so desire.

Problem: The Grasping Mail modifier that provides a 100% increase in global defense provides too much value for a build that invests heavily in defense for a single mod slot.

Resolution: Prefix modifiers that can be rolled on mastery messages that provide increased global defense now have a value of 50% (previously 100%). Existing items can be made worse by using Holy Orbs.

Problem: The Gravicius Veiled Modifier on the Body Armor grants a percentage of your max health as an energy shield, adding huge survivability to many builds, while a single workbench crafting modifier has low investment. In the past, providing energy shields to life buildings was generally of no value, as these buildings had no sensible way to restore energy shields in combat, but the recent addition of changes such as Ghost Dance and Divine Shield has made it possible to obtain relatively small amounts of energy shields. Shields are extremely valuable for life-based builds. The Gravicius modifier makes this trivial.

Solution: Reworked Gravicius' Veil modifier to convert a percentage of Physical damage to Fire and Lightning damage instead.

Problem: Passive skills that grant blinding effects don't adequately reward investing in them.

Solution: Increase the blinding effect value on the passive tree.

Problem: Mind over matter, and buildings that invest heavily in mana in general, are underpowered due to various balance changes and increased power invested in reserved skills.

Solution: As a first step, increase the base power of mind over matter and extract this power from body armor mods. We know this change doesn't address all the mana build issues we're currently facing, and are considering what further changes to make for future expansions. There are Path Of Exile Currency for Sale.

Problem: Strongholds are too hard to get for some melee builds and too frustrating to use for many others.

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