Do you sometimes get frustrated from the negativity on social media and other media outlets? It is heartbreaking to observe how some use social media to project hate speech and hurtful words to other users. What if there was a social media platform built on the mission of loving, encouraging, and uplifting others daily—regardless of ones’ religious beliefs, political beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or lifestyle? There is! GodScoop! GodScoop is owned and operated by JAD Media Enterprise, Inc., religious organization in the United States.

We created GodScoop for you. We envisioned a social media platform where Christians and others could connect, chat, share inspirational and motivational content in a safe and positive environment. He also envisioned a safe place where people could get emotional, mental, and spiritual support. As such, you will notice we prohibit hate speech, hurt speech, cursing, harassment, and berating or degrading others.

GodScoop users connect with others around the world and enjoy many of the benefits larger social media platforms provide—just without the negativity and toxic environment. Additionally, unlike some other larger social media platforms, we see and value you and your privacy. We will never sell your private data and exploit you for profit.

As part of our mandate, you will notice we provided categories so you can create groups that support those who need assistance in several areas. For example, you can create mental health, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol addiction support groups. These services are free to GodScoop users. In the event, specific and advanced services are needed, users can connect with professional services or religious leaders with expertise in these areas. These individuals or company personnel may charge a fee for their services. Users who utilize these options agree not to hold JAD Media Enterprise, Inc responsible for any services provided.

In addition to the features, we have a branded store for your shopping pleasure. This is our main source of funding. Thank you for your interest in GodScoop. If you have suggestions or comments, please drop us an email at support@godscoop.com. Be uplifted!